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Monday, June 23, 2008

Meijer Garden Trip

Today, for Crystal's birthday, we visited Meijer Gardens http://www.meijergardens.org/ .

So much there is always the same - for instance, my favorite sculpture, at the entrance.

But there is always something new also, to draw us back for another visit. This time, they have a documentary on Monet and a focus on their beautiful water gardens.

The documentary was well narrated and we learned from it, but the picture and sound quality were poor. So we slipped quietly out of the auditorium and made a quick tour of the conservatory (nothing new there.)

It must have been maintainance day, because there was a lot of mess and heavily pruned plants.

The tallest plants, though, were lush and healthy looking.


Just outside the conservatory and along all the trails, the focus was on water.

"Waterfall just outside conservatory"

"Wetland Reflection"


"Wetland Flowers"

"My Deere"

This was my favorite sculpture, and it's the guy who brought me here. LOL!

Larry (of course) in front of a fountain feature that you can walk through.

Crystal walked inside the fountain and took this picture, looking up.

"A Hole Filled With Sky"

"Ivy Steps"


These are the pictures we took along the Wetland Boardwalk.


"Two Wild Flowers"

"A Skyish Swamp"

"Alive and Dead"

"Beautiful Parasite"

"Tulip Tree"

"Ducks On A Log"

"Monet-Like Ducks"

"Reflecting Dead"

"Somber Swamp"

"Wildflower Pond"

"Elderberry Bush"

"Elderberry Flower"

"Wetland Swamp"

"Yellow Berries"

"What Berry?"

"Duck Feather In Duck Weed"


Back on the gravel and cement path, we were led to the "Michigan Farm" area.

"Sugar Shack"

The only animals were sculptures.


The Woodland Shade Garden included a

Beaver Pond.

In the shade of some unusual trees.

"Four Trees Together"


There were sculptures throughout the gardens. This one caught my eye more than the others,
because it's made of letters............

........and because some poor guy was out there in the hot sun polishing the thing with what looked like a toothbrush!

Another "sculpture" that Crystal found and photographed.......

Heh. Heaven forbid they might neglect to provide the obligatory chunk of plywood "For Emergency Use Only"!


The last group of features we visited, and the best, were the waterfalls. One huge pond seemed completely surrounded by waterfalls pouring down over huge rocks. It was like being back home in Pennsylvania!


It has taken me longer to get this blog loaded and corrected than it took us to drive to the Gardens, tour the Gardens and drive home.

And that's the truth.