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Although my neighbors are all barbarians,
And you, you are a thousand miles away,
There are always two cups on my table.
--Tang Dynasty

I hope you, whomever you are,
will sit down "with" me for tea,
or flavored coffee or spiced cider,
and have a garden variety chat.
Now and then.
I am not so consistant about blogging
as I ought to be.
I *am* consistant about
drinking hot beverage
and the coffee/tea is always on the hob.

Come on in!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Cleaning Office

Yes, I think I can call it that. It’s actually a shallow coat closet - in the dining room - with about 10 inches of space between its folding doors and the table.
Our old “manufactured wood” tv/stereo cabinet fills it nicely, and sags under a 90’s dinosaur photo copier. The lower shelves, meant to hold stereo and speakers, are filled with plastic file bins, which are filled with a mess of important things which should be neatly filed.
A nice basket is filled with memorabilia from our parents’ funerals that wait to be scrapbooked.
3 plastic bins sized for storing CDROMS and DVDs are already sorted and filled (I had to reformat the computer recently. LOL!)

As always, the pressing frustration that demands an “office” room and more storage is quickly dissipated as I sort and throw, sort and burn, now and then sort and file. When I am finished, which won’t even take all afternoon, there will be empty space in the office closet.

That, of course, depends on whether I finish this blog soon and get back to work. But I fell to musing about things as I sorted through a pile and found Crystal’s left over graduation announcements and pictures.

The pictures will go into her filing system, but as I gathered the announcements I realized I couldn’t just throw them away – not in this day and age.
How unsettling it is to realize that I can’t even throw away unused announcements because they have our name and address on them. Somewhere buried at the very bottom of a dump, are all the bags of trash our parents just tossed without even thinking about “security”. But we can’t take the chance that someone might get enough information from our castoffs to steal our identity and cause us great harm.

I’ll have to burn the front page of all the announcements. But I had a brain storm, and dug out the paper cutter (under the scrapbook basket) so I could cut off the front pages, leaving me with a stack of white card stock “fat quarters”. They will be great for making cards. Carrie will have use for them, and I will be rid of them. (I mean, who has time to make cards when there’s a blog to written?)

Ah. Back to work. While I work with ugly green dividers, gaudy blue plastic file boxes and pressed sawdust shelves, I will imagine myself in *my* ideal office!