Welcome to A Garden Variety Blog!

Although my neighbors are all barbarians,
And you, you are a thousand miles away,
There are always two cups on my table.
--Tang Dynasty

I hope you, whomever you are,
will sit down "with" me for tea,
or flavored coffee or spiced cider,
and have a garden variety chat.
Now and then.
I am not so consistant about blogging
as I ought to be.
I *am* consistant about
drinking hot beverage
and the coffee/tea is always on the hob.

Come on in!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plan and Play Day

Today was my "Plan and Play" day, and I went to my neighbor's for coffee. Guess I'll go take a hot shower, trim my toenails and get pretty before dh gets home - that's play, right?I did work on the "plan" though. I cleaned 1 more storage shelf, and made a computer list of what gets stored on each shelf, so far. I also inventoried the family keepsake storage space, between the stairs and the storage room.I have 1 keepsake tub (I love to declutter!); my oldest dd has 2 (she wouldn't have any if I hadn't saved the stuff! LOL); youngest dd has 4 -5 and some scattered stuff that needs sorted/boxed, and a huge tub of reenacting stuff including her 18th century tent.DH has (really) 13 tubs! All labeled and encapsuled away like a splinter buried in a callous (I really feel that way about "stuff" kept for memory sake, but I sure do love him! So I pack it tight and hide it.) One day his storage tubs are going to blow up under the pressure of their compressed contents, and I won't EVER have to worry about sorting again cuz my house will be gone!! *************It may not *all* be decluttered and clean by Christmas at this rate. But it's getting there, and for the first time in a long time, my WHOLE living area, every corner, is company ready!