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Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 Christmas Newsletter

Dear family and friends,

Even after all the family reunions and facebook conversations this year, it seems like there is still a little news for a Christmas newsletter! It’s been a year that has made wonderful memories.

January 23 2010, Crystal and Kevin got married. They met while they were both Fire Fighters.

“War of The Tongs ” Larry & Kevin get along great!

Larry has worked so much overtime at Gentex this year and yet seems to have even more energy and strength the more he works. He is the most dependable person I know, and the funniest!

Carrie and I (Peggy) spent the first half of 2010 working on a program for children that teaches gardening.

A grant made it possible for the Master Gardener volunteers to start a new youth program, YEP (Youth Education Program) where we could share knowledge by teaching children. I adapted, or wrote new lessons for 5 months of once a week classes and Carrie edited, advised, encouraged, and took over most of my true responsibilities. Larry worked and adapted to the situation, and wished for them to give his wife back to him!
It was a wild ride, but the kind that you try once and enjoy, after which you decide to never do it again! (I will work in the program again next year, but as a teacher, not as leader.) I am so thankful to be back to the job of wife, mother, homemaker, and of course gramma.

Carrie’s lawn care company has kept her busy all year and she includes our property in her work schedule too.

Kevin (our Son In Love) drives truck for a lumber company, delivering building materials. He also is a Fire Fighter, and so after work hours are often spent training, or at fire locations.
Crystal worked at daycare most of the year, along with still serving as a fire fighter.

When she found out fall of 2010 that she is going to have a daughter, Ruby Rose, she left the fire company, though I won’t be surprised if she eventually goes back to it when Ruby is older. Now that she is close to her due date, she’s left work and going to be a stay at home mom. THAT is the best job in the world!

Ruby Rose McConnell, waving hello.
(due to arrive mid January 2011) If, after that date, you see me coming with a gleam in my eye and a handful of pictures, RUN AWAY!!!!

Interestingly, Crystal was born June 23, Kevin was born July 23, they were married January 23. Wouldn’t it be fun if Ruby was a little late (I guess not fun for Crystal) and arrived on their 1st anniversary?

That’s the news.
Now, I’m sitting here at the old desk, remembering over the last year; looking at the old pictures;
- our parents, all dressed up and posed but still looking just like who they were

- our kids (3 now), frozen in time in childhood poses on ponies, & again in graduation and wedding pictures

- our grand daughter, showing us just the top of her head and her left hand, open and waving at us
Past, Present, Future Blessings for which we are so thankful and glad!

From the Adams Family to your family

Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year!