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Although my neighbors are all barbarians,
And you, you are a thousand miles away,
There are always two cups on my table.
--Tang Dynasty

I hope you, whomever you are,
will sit down "with" me for tea,
or flavored coffee or spiced cider,
and have a garden variety chat.
Now and then.
I am not so consistant about blogging
as I ought to be.
I *am* consistant about
drinking hot beverage
and the coffee/tea is always on the hob.

Come on in!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never Ending Story

No, NOT a story about a Luck Dragon, but a story about a clutter Dragon! LOL!

I'm decluttering the house. I haven't had time to post much but am getting it done!

Well, the OFFICE CLOSET is done! Everything fits in fine, though the side "shelves" are too wobbly and I'll keep looking for sturdy ones.
I put all the computer stuff in the china cupboard base (for now). So that means the color analysis and gardening books can go up on the top OC shelf.
Some of the rest of the week's work (longterm file storage) will end up being ongoing. I realised today that longterm files are boxed up and tucked in nearly every basement area, so I will be finding them as I clean over the next weeks.Tomorrow I will clean the basement pantry/longterm storage "room". For the rest of today, I am taking a break!
I saw some great shelving units for the closet. The wire shelving systems were dreamy, but we just can't buy stuff right now. So I am making do, or as someone said somewhere on the internet "Shopping at Home".

I used - DD's old 3 drawer chest with a drop front top piece as my desk and storage.- DD's unused "to Do" file folders (They drop down accordian style and hang from the top shelf. VERY VERY COOL and perfect for my needs!)- An old flimsy crate style stacking unit that really needs to be tossed out. But it fits the little corner, until I can build or find a narrow shelving unit there. (I might someday look for heavier wire crates to use in that same way.)
ETA: I also (while cleaning off a shelving unit in the basement, for possible OC use) Got rid of THIS!
I refuse to even try guessing how many records are there! I was a music teacher and used them back then a lot, but can we say dinosaur graveyard????